HOW Mike @ SAPOO USED AUTOMATE TO GRow His Detailing Business TO OVER £4000 per month!

Let me tell you about Mike @ Sapoo Car Care!

Mike is quickly becoming a pro in the valeting and detailing game, but his old booking system was seriously holding him back.

It was clunky, had zero support, and just wasn't tailored for his business.

He was struggling to get things off the ground and achieving just five bookings a week and £1,500 a month.

But guess what? Mike found Automate, and it's been a total game-changer! Our platform is built for the valeting and detailing world, so it's got everything Mike needs to crush it.

With Automate, he's got a user-friendly system that helps him manage bookings like a pro and make the whole process super smooth for his clients.

Now, Mike's pulling in 3 bookings a day 7 days a week (even on his days off), and his earnings have shot up to £4,000 a month!

He's able to edit services, add extras, and just look legit at every step of the way. He can promote his top services and focus on giving his clients the best of the best, while still maintaining full control of the business.

It took Mike less than four hours to set his AUTOMATE account and he has access to personalised support when he needs it. Mike's customer retention has gone through the roof – 70% of his clients are coming back for more of that top-notch service.

His business is growing faster than he ever thought possible!

Here is a screen grab of his online earnings since he joined.

Now, here's the kicker.

In just three months, Mike's been able to build a solid client base of over 150 customers with AUTOMATE.

How? It's all thanks to AUTOMATE'S killer automated marketing tools! These bad boys send out regular reminder emails to all his clients, letting them know it's time to rebook with Mike and get their rides looking fresh again.

So no more of that manual Texting customers from your phone book... 💪

Automate takes care of all that heavy lifting, so he can focus on delivering the best service out there.

This not only keeps his current clients happy but also helps him attract even more business!

It's a win-win, my friends!

Thanks to AUTOMATE, Mike's got the peace of mind he needs to focus on his craft and make his clients happy. He's got more time to grow his business and keep those loyal customers coming back. Checkout Mike’s Trust pilot review below:

If you're in the valeting and detailing business and you're ready to crush it, give AUTOMATE a shot!

It's the tool that's taking Mike's business to the next level, and it can do the same for you.

There is a 2 month Free Trial on pro which gives you an app, a booking system, a management portal, a payment system, automated marketing tools.... and so much more.